Friday, March 30, 2012

The Grand Vision

I thought today I should tell you all the vision that I believe the Lord God has laid upon my heart. There are three business here in Austin, near the wife's and my apartment that it involves. The first two are business that the wife and I are praying God will shut down.
  1. One is an xxx theater that I believe God wants me to turn into a Christian Conference Center.
  2. Please pray that the Lord shuts this despicable place down and that He provides a way for this ministry to acquire the building for His glory.
  3. the next is a strip club that I believe God wants me to turn into a Christian Events Center.
  4. Please pray that the Lord shuts this despicable place down and that He provides a way for this ministry to acquire the building for His glory.
  5. Finally the third business is a hotel, that I believe God wants to takeover and turn into a Christian owned/operated Hotel.
  6. Not only would this provide a home for the wife and I, it would provide a steady source of revenue for the family as well as the ministry.

Please keep this grand vision in your prayers. Thank you.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Must Have Items in a Disaster

Call it hoarding if you will, however when it comes to disasters there are certain food items that you must have on hand. Otherwise they will be in scarce supply as the store runs out of these items because of those that weren't prepared run to the store because of the disaster. This is also just plain and simple good budgeting practice also.
However, even then you have to be smart. Only buy things you'd normally eat anyway so you can rotate.
You will notice I do not list anywhere those expensive freeze dried survival packs, because those things are just pure nonsense.
Grocery/Food Items
  1. Rice/Wheat
  2. Legumes: Pinto Beans, Black Beans, etc.
  3. Oatmeal,
  4. Cornmeal
  5. Canned Fruits (shelf life usually 18-24 months)
  6. Canned Vegetables (3 year shelf life printed on them-you'd survive if you had to eat them a ways past that date)
  7. Soups/Stews
  8. Milk – Canned/Evaporated, Powdered, Sweetened/Condensed
  9. Eggs – Powdered (dried)
  10. Peanut Butter – Nuts – Popcorn
  11. Dehydrated Fruits & Vegetables [learn how to dehydrate your own]
  12. Jerky
  13. Trail Mix
  14. Graham Crackers 
  15. Saltines 
  16. Pretzels/Chips
  17. Chocolate – Cocoa 
  18. Tang/Punch
  19. Honey
  20. Syrups
  21. White Sugar
  22. Brown Sugar
  23. Salt/Spices and Baking Supplies
  24. Soy Sauce
  25. Vinegar
  26. Bouillon Soup-base
  27. Tuna Fish [packed in oil has more protein] (Shelf life usually 3-6 years)
  28. Canned Meats (Shelf life usually 3-6 years)
  29. Cooking Oil
  30. Flour
  31. Yeast
  32. Salt
  33. Coffee/ Teas
  34. Bulk Herbs (used for seasoning),
    (Herbs can also be used for first aid, or treating minor medical issues)
  35. Vitamins – Minerals – Supplements
  36. bottled Water
  37. [2.5 gallon jugs better then gallon]

There are other other items as well, that you would need in an emergency.

Salt for example has many other uses besides a seasoning. For example some use as medicine, mouthwash or even ice melt. Yes regular table salt will melt ice as much as rock salt will.

Other items (besides a generator) to stock up on include:
  1. Toilet paper
  2. Diapers (for infants)
  3. Feminine Products (like Tampons and pads)
  4. Paper Towels (for a multitude of uses)
  5. Trash bags (idea - stock up on plastic shopping bags when you shop to use for trash to help prevent disease)
  6. Soaps and Cleaners
  7. Bleach
  8. Coolers
  9. Writing Paper/Index cards
  10. Cotton Balls and Cotton Swabs
  11. Pens, Pencils and manual pencil sharper (no electric or battery operated ones)
  12. Can opener (Hand cranked/manual)
  13. Nails, screws, hooks, wires, etc
  14. Magnifying glass (could be used in place of matches)
  15. Matches (keep dry)
  16. Old newspapers (for fire-starter and wrapping items)
  17. First Aid kit
  18. Safety pins
  19. Toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, etc
  20. Nylon rope/clothes line
  21. Hats and gloves
  22. extra clothes
  23. Blankets/Sheets
  24. Extension cords
  25. Games/Books
  26. Cash (smaller bills like $5's as most people won't have change)
  27. Sticky Notes
  28. Snap top plastic containers
  29. Storage bags (all sixes - sandwich, quart and gallon)
  30. Tarps
  31. Gas Cans [various sizes and could be used for water to]
  32. Batteries
  33. [Battery powered] Radio
  34. Flashlights

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Monday, March 26, 2012

CIA Chief David Petraeus says Appliances will Spy on you

Governments around the world spying on innocent citizens? No, I'm not just speaking of the so called red light cameras, which is keeping tabs on traffic and crowds in cities all over either. No it goes much further then that. Maybe not quite as far as the spy drones that were a topic on last nights hit series "Harry's Law," but I wouldn't be surprised about that either. Especially after the public admissions from the CIA head guy, David Petraeus, which lead me to believe it really is happening.
So how are they spying on us? Well it seems there are tiny cameras and microphones in new appliances. These so called smart appliances include washers, dryers and refrigerators.
CIA director David Petraeus has said that the rise of new “smart” gadgets means that Americans are effectively bugging their own homes, saving US spy agencies a job when it identifies any “persons of interest”.

Speaking at a summit for In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s technology investment operation, Petraeus made the comments when discussing new technologies which aim to add processors and web connections to previously ‘dumb’ home appliances such as fridges, ovens and lighting systems.

Image courtesy of

We as American citizens are to be called suspects in any crime. Instead we are being called persons of interest if the government so chose to track our personal devices. Like on last night's "Harry's Law" my concern would be the invasion of our 4th amendment rights with the possibility of such warrant-less searches.
Does this sound a lot like the so called fictional TV show, "Person of Interest"? It does to me to, and it scares me.

Still think this might be conspiracy theory? Let's take a lookat what Wired reported on their blog.
Earlier this month, Petraeus mused about the emergence of an “Internet of Things” — that is, wired devices — at a summit for In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital firm. “‘Transformational’ is an overused word, but I do believe it properly applies to these technologies,” Petraeus enthused, “particularly to their effect on clandestine tradecraft.”

All those new online devices are a treasure trove of data if you’re a “person of interest” to the spy community. Once upon a time, spies had to place a bug in your chandelier to hear your conversation. With the rise of the “smart home,” you’d be sending tagged, geolocated data that a spy agency can intercept in real time when you use the lighting app on your phone to adjust your living room’s ambiance.
- Wired

Still not convinced? Let's look at what was reported by the BBC.
Arm Holdings has unveiled what it describes as the "world's most energy-efficient microprocessor" design.

The firm says that microcontrollers based on the "Flycatcher" architecture will pave the way for the "internet of things" - the spread of the net to a wider range of devices.

It suggests that fridges and other white goods, medical equipment, energy meters, and home and office lighting will all benefit from the innovation.
- British Broadcasting Corp also reported on this very story:
Watch out: the CIA may soon be spying on you—through your beloved, intelligent household appliances, according to Wired.

In early March, at a meeting for the CIA’s venture capital firm In-Q-Tel, CIA Director David Petraeus reportedly noted that “smart appliances” connected to the Internet could someday be used by the CIA to track individuals. If your grocery-list-generating refrigerator knows when you’re home, the CIA could, too, by using geo-location data from your wired appliances, according to SmartPlanet.

“The current ‘Internet of PCs’ will move, of course, toward an ‘Internet of Things’—of devices of all types—50 to 100 billion of which will be connected to the Internet by 2020,” Petraeus said in his speech. He continued:

Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters—all connected to the next-generation Internet using abundant, low cost, and high-power computing—the latter now going to cloud computing, in many areas greater and greater supercomputing, and, ultimately, heading to quantum computing.


Another media source reported:

While discussing an "Internet of things," Petraeus said household devices with online connectivity will change the notion of secrecy, indicating the rise of these devices will create a fresh wave of privacy concern.

Devices collecting data from a home can potentially watch anything inside it, gathering information that may be stored in the parent company's server. Such data may be subject to review by regulators, or probes by agencies like the CIA if the user is a person of interest, sparing law enforcement the step of bugging the home, Petraeus said.

"Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters -- all connected to the next-generation internet using abundant, low-cost, and high-power computing," Petraeus said, according to Wired. "The latter now going to cloud computing, in many areas greater and greater supercomputing, and, ultimately, heading to quantum computing."

Federal laws keep the CIA from spying on just anyone without a warrant or proper judicial procedure. But multiple cases of agencies tracking GPS data without a warrant nudge the boundaries of Fourth Amendment privacy protections, and laws that predate today's technology could be vaguely interpreted when applied to data residing in a cloud.


There lies the concern. As I mentioned earlier in this post and now in this latest quote. The fourth amendment protects us from illegal search and seizures. These kind of devices and spy tools open the door for the government to spy on us while we are in the shower, making out with our spouses and plain just spying on us without cause in our on private homes, hoping to catch us doing something they deem illegal. Is that the kind of society you want to live in? I know it's not the kind i want. I enjoy the freedoms that our Constitution affords us, but some of our leaders like CIA Chief Petraeus seems bent on ignoring the Constitution and taking our freedoms from us.
My name is Kevin, and that's what I think. What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

SPLC's War Against Conservatives

Recently I found the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) had released their list of anti-government groups and hate groups. Some of the so called groups on there are suspect. Why do I say that? In the words of Eddie Craig of Rule of Law Radio on Logos Radio Network (formerly Rule of Law of Radio Network),
Especially considering that a lot of these "groups" are not even groups, like the bookstore (BNB), some are films, some are film companies, and some are radio networks, like us
His comment came as a reply to my shock at seeing some of those that were listed.
Organizations like the Constitution Party, a political party that I myself had looked at because of their Conservative stance and desire to uphold the Constitution of the United States. A political party that wants to uphold the Constitution of these here United states, but left wing political parties that call for the radical overthrow of the Constitutional government of the United States are not listed. Such parties as the Socialist Party of America or Communist Party USA are no where on the list.

Yet at the same time book stores, movies and radio networks are listed.
For example....
Brave New Books in Austin, TX is not a group but is a bookstore in downtown Austin that I myself have visited to attend a political forum held there. Although the store isn't the most handicapped accessible being located in the basement of a Chase Bank building which is also home to the areas Libertarian Party headquarters.

  • Rule of Law Radio (Network) is Radio Network heard on a handful of radio stations around the country, I listen to them and programing from about two other networks on 90.1 FM which online can be heard on the website TXLR (Texas Liberty Radio)

  • Republic Broadcasting

  • a website discussing news events that the Mainstream Media largely ignore.

    Say what you will about the philosophy of each of these business and people but they aren't anti-government and they aren't groups in the traditional since of the term. Does anyone besides the left wing Southern Poverty Law Center really believe they are?
    Unlike the latter two political parties mentioned above; the Constitution Party platform is derived 100% from the U.S. Constitution. Seems like that is what all parties in this country should be. I know it's a radical thought but the founders of this nation were pretty radical, and we need to return to the document that founded this country.

    Now lets look at the so called hate groups. Again I find that I have some ties to groups that are on this list and I am appalled that these groups that have great ministries would be linked to hate groups like Westboro Baptist, Klu Klux Klan and the Nation of Islam.

    Such ministries as The American Family Association is on the list as a hate group, because they call homosexuality a sin. They preach the Bible and that's what the Bible says. That doesn't mean they hate homosexuals. Instead they believe Christ can change a persons heart, something that the Apostle Paul says in the book of 1 Corinthians
    9Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders 10nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.
    - 1 Corinthians 6:9-11

    There is a great deal of love for any unbeliever in the Christian community, but as the Bible says those in sin hate hearing the truth, but that doesn't mean the Christian community hates them. It also doesn't mean the Christian community agrees with the Westboro Baptist church cult. And for a ministry to be listed with the likes of Fred Phelps is appalling. How long before these liberals paint all Christian Bible believing churches in this same light? Just because they call homosexuality and all kinds of immoral sexual behavior a sin?

    As Alex Jones, the publisher of the aforementioned said the other day on his radio show,
    I don't agree with the Klu Klux Klan but they have a right to protest and to publish...I don't agree with the black Muslims, but they have a right to call me a devil.
    All I can say Alex is ditto, I have said the same thing about the garbage that the Westboro Baptist Cult has said and done. Under the Constitution they have a right to speak and to peacefully protest. That is the American freedoms you and I enjoy, and just because I (we) don't like something someone else spouts doesn't mean they have to shut up as long as they remain within the law. Obviously cross burning on another persons property or acts of violence crosses the lines and are not forms of peaceful protests.
    My name is Kevin, and that's what I think. What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

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  • Thanks

    Thanks to for their support for our efforts here.
    My name is Kevin, and that's what I think. What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

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    Great Inforgraphic to Drive Point Home

    Credit Card Statistics

    go ahead share your thoughts with me now, my ears are open. I'm always eager to hear what you think.

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    Thursday, March 22, 2012

    Attic Film Festival

    Are you going to the 2012 Attic Film Fest? Have you heard of it? The ATTIC FILM FEST is an independent Christian film festival held in Austin, TX. This year, 2012, is the 5th year of the annual event.

    The Attic Film Fest 2012 offers three types of films:

  • COMPETITION FILMS - those that are competing against each other for cash awards and additional screenings sponsored by Attic Film Fest.
  • WINNER'S CIRCLE FILMS - those who have won awards at previous Attic Film Festivals competitions. Be sure to come to the Directors panel Q & A, and other Attic Film Fest TALKS panels on Saturday.
  • ATTIC WORLD MINISTRY FILMS - films that highlight the challenges of ministries and those they serve throughout the world. March 31st 10am-2pm

    $5.00 per person per day, or $7.00 for a weekend pass; SPACE IS LIMITED so organizers ask that you please register in advance to reserve a seat.

    One of the filmmakers that will be showing there film at the event was in California promoting there new film when they had a chance to be on the Price is Right (aired March 13, 2012).

    “We had a day open so we decided to try and get into a taping of ‘The Price is Right,’ and I ended up getting called down. It was hilarious, we all freaked out on national television,” he explained. “I was able to tell Drew (Carey, the host) what I did, spin the wheel and say hello to my friends and family.”

    Read more:

    - Fox News

    Wisdom Steps 101 will be there. Hope to see y'all also.

    go ahead share your thoughts with me now, my ears are open. I'm always eager to hear what you think.

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  • Wednesday, March 21, 2012

    Brazilian Butt Lift

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    My name is Kevin, and that's what I think. What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

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    Tuesday, March 20, 2012

    Couponing Taken To The Next Level

    Recently I found a couple of yahoo groups that go along with my latest financial forte into couponing. Couponing when done correctly is a great way to save a ton of green. Which in turn helps stretch your families budget.

    Neither group allow trading. Instead they call themselves sharing groups. One is a national group and one is a Texas only group.

    This is a sharing group where friends meet to help one another.

    Trading is not allowed OR necessary! We do not allow the 'sharing' of stamps. That is a trading commodity.

    Please introduce yourself to the group. We look forward to meeting you. ;o)

    Permanent wishlists, which are required within '4 days' after membership approval, are put into a File for each member, and you are also encouraged to request specific coupons whenever you need them.

    In order to maintain your membership you are required to send out at least ONE sharing envie PER month.

    Referrals in your signature line ONLY.

    Or post in our coupon trading group:

    Your PERSONAL business website can be put into the Links Section. For Example: Tupperware, Avon, Scrapbooking, etc.

    This is a friendly and chatty group, and we hope you enjoy it!
    - Coupon Co-op

    Texas Couponers

    Texas Couponers is group was created for Texans that coupon and rebate.

    RMC membership isn't needed-but, members are welcomed. Interested in subscribing to RMC? Go to:

    You are welcome to post HOT sales, coupons, deals and rebates to this group. We all love saving money.








    Thank you for joining our group,hope that you have fun and save lots of money and getting great deals.



    *You can give away coupons that are soon expiring as long as you are NOT accepting ANYTHING for them (like a trade, money, paypal, stamps, ect.) you can offer them to groups members.

    - Texas Couponers
    However, I am not sure how active the Texas group is, as the moderators page Diva Girls Deals is no longer active. The domain name is available and a search in Google finds a blogspot page that hasn't been updated since 2010 and a facebook page that hasn't been updated since June of last year.

    On the other Coupon Co-op is very active. I was required to post a coupon wishlist within four days and have already received what the group calls a coupon potluck from one of the members. I encourage everyone to check it out. I think it is going to be really neat. The local one claims to have meetings, but since there hasn't been any updates since June 2011, I am not sure if that is still accurate. If it is still active, expect that I will eventually be posting about them in a future post. Perhaps with pictures.

    As for the Coupon Co-op here is the wishlist I posted with them:
    Kevin and Pat's Coupon Wishlist

    Kevin Surbaugh
    PO Box 170670
    Austin, TX 78717

    Ozarka Water - 24pk Case
    Nestle Water - 24pk Case
    Dasani - 24pk Case
    Folger's Coffee
    Tea Bags
    Hot Cocoa Mix
    Coca-Cola products (preferably cans but 2 liters are good to)
    Gatorade - Off 1

    Any Cereal - off 1
    Cookies - Off 1

    Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing - Off 1
    Kraft or Wishbone Salad Dressing - Off 1
    Kraft Miracle Whip - Off 1
    Mustard - Off 1
    Sugar (Granulated/powdered or brown) - Off 1
    Any Ketchup - Off 1

    Canned Vegetables
    Macaroni Noodles
    Kraft or Velveeta Macaroni and Cheese
    Any Peanut Butter - off 1
    Any Jelly - Off 1

    Coffee Mate - LiquidAny Coffee Creamer - Liquid
    Shedds Country Crock
    Daisy Sour Cream
    Yoplait yogurts
    Kraft or Sargento Shredded/Chunk Cheese/singles
    Velveeta (block or singles)

    Birds Eye Steamfresh or Boxed Vegetables - Off 1
    Green Giant Frozen Vegetables - Off 1
    Totinos Pizza Rolls - Off 1
    Blue Bunny or Breyers or Dryers Ice Cream (Reg/sherbert/yogurt) - Off 1

    Cottonelle Toilet Paper
    Bounty or Viva Paper Towels
    Glad or Ziplock Sandwich, quart & gallon bags

    Carefree Pantyliner - Off 1
    Secret Deodorant
    Axe Deodorant
    Colgate or Crest Toothpaste
    Garnier or Suave Shampoo/Conditioner for color treated hair
    Dial Liquid Hand Soap (Foaming or Reg)
    Sauve Shampoo (any but especially Mens)

    Tide or Gain Detergent (Liquid or Pods)
    Dawn Dishsoap
    Finish Powerball Tabs or Gelpacs or Quantum dishwasher soap
    Jet dry - off 1
    Spray & Wash or Tide Stain Sticks - off 1
    Downy Unstopables
    Toilet Bowl Cleaner
    Kaboom Foamtastic Shower Cleaner
    Lysol Dual Wipes
    Comet - off 1
    Furniture Polish - off 1
    Floor Cleaner (Linoleum)
    Tidy Cat scoopable Litter -Off 1

    Evo cat food

    go ahead share your thoughts with me now, my ears are open. I'm always eager to hear what you think.

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    Monday, March 19, 2012

    Free Rita’s Italian Ice

    posted by the Prince of Thrift

    Celebrate the arrival of spring with Rita’s—and a FREE regular size Italian Ice!

    As the largest Italian Ice concept in the nation, Rita’s will hold our 20th Annual First Day of Spring FREE Italian Ice Giveaway on Tuesday, March 20, at over 550 stores in 18 states. More than one million Guests are expected to attend the FREE Italian Ice Giveaway.

    From noon to 9pm, each Rita’s Guest will receive one FREE, regular size Italian Ice in the available flavor of their choice to commemorate the arrival of spring! So celebrate spring with Rita’s—and don’t forget to take pictures and videos of your First Day of Spring celebration to share with us!
    go ahead share your thoughts with me now, my ears are open. I'm always eager to hear what you think.

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    Free Poster

    posted by the Prince of Thrift

    Here is a free Rosie the Riveter poster that you can request “Take Back the Endpoint”but you do need to fill in a your Company name.
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    Sunday, March 18, 2012

    Free Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate

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    go ahead share your thoughts with me now, my ears are open. I'm always eager to hear what you think.

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    Saturday, March 17, 2012

    Coupon Insert Preview for March 18

    posted by the Prince of Thrift

    3-18 Smartsource coupon preview
    Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected!

    Air Wick Save $1.50/1 Freshmatic Compact refill (4/15)
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    Air Wick Save $1/1 Scented Oil refills twin pack or Save $1/2 singles (4/15)
    Air Wick Save $2/1 Freshmatic Ultra or Compact Starter kit (4/15)
    Air Wick Save $2/2 candles (4/15)
    Air Wick Get Scented Oil Warmer unit free wyb Scented Oil refill fragrance up to Save $1.19 excludes free item packs (4/15)
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    Alexia Save $.55/1 frozen item (4/15)
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    BIC Save $2/1 disposable razor ets (4/15)
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    RedPlum Coupon Preview
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    Sundown Naturals Save $1/1 vitamin or supplement product (4/17)

    go ahead share your thoughts with me now, my ears are open. I'm always eager to hear what you think.

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    Free Recovery Version of the Bible

    posted by the Prince of Thrift

    Bibles for America wants everyone in America to have a Bible, or at least the New Testament. One of the most comprehensive study Bibles available today. Check it out with this free Recovery Version today.
    The Recovery Version is a study Bible published by Living Stream Ministry, used primarily in the Local churches.
    An outline of each book, both at the beginning of the book and embedded within the text
    Introductory information giving a brief historical background of each book
    The subject of each book providing an overview of the book
    Footnotes and cross-references
    Charts and color maps
    - Wikipedia

    Everything about this is free. Even the shipping.
    SHIPPING IS FREE. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery of English orders, and 6 to 8 weeks for Spanish orders.
    BfA does not sell or share your personal information with other organizations.
    - Bibles For America Website

    go ahead share your thoughts with me now, my ears are open. I'm always eager to hear what you think.

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    Tuesday, March 13, 2012

    Impeachment Charges Filed Against Obama

    You probably haven't heard this if all you listen to and read is the main stream media, but on Wednesday March 7, 2012 Congressman Walter B. Jones filed House Concurrent Resolution 107 which calls for the impeachment of President err Dictator Obama.

    an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.

    Whereas the cornerstone of the Republic is honoring Congress's exclusive power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution: Now, therefore, be it

    Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That it is the sense of Congress that, except in response to an actual or imminent attack against the territory of the United States, the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress violates Congress's exclusive power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution and therefore constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.
    - House Concurrent Resolution 107
    So here is the breakdown. Personally I am not ready to call our elected President a dictator. However, some are saying what was reported last year in the Mainstream media in response to the Libya action and ignored by the same press this year in response to Syria is treason. Was basically a Coup D’etat. Why? For that we have to look at what he said and compare that to the constitution of the United states of America.

    According to Article 1, Section 8 of the U. S. Constitution Congress does unambiguously state that “Congress shall have power to...declare War.” The president is designated commander in chief, with the authority to direct the military. James Madison declared the War Powers Clause to be the most important in the Constitution because history had shown that “the executive is the branch of power most interested in war,” and therefore must be tempered by a deliberative Congress.
    No where does it give that power to the United Nations or any foreign power. Last year when he put our troops in harms way in Libya, President Barack Obama made what was probably the most arrogant statement of any President thus far betraying his open hostility to the rule of law as it applies to his administration’s illegal war on Libya, churlishly dismissing criticism from Congress and remarking, “I don’t even have to get to the Constitutional question.”
    He then reiterated this open defiance in a letter to House Speaker Boehner in March of last year (2011).

    In which he states the following:
    At approximately 3:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, on March 19, 2011, at my direction, U.S. military forces commenced operations to assist an international effort authorized by the United Nations (U.N.) Security Council and undertaken with the support of European allies and Arab partners, to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and address the threat posed to international peace and security by the crisis in Libya. As part of the multilateral response authorized under U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973, U.S. military forces, under the command of Commander, U.S. Africa Command, began a series of strikes against air defense systems and military airfields for the purposes of preparing a no-fly zone. These strikes will be limited in their nature, duration, and scope. Their purpose is to support an international coalition as it takes all necessary measures to enforce the terms of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973. These limited U.S. actions will set the stage for further action by other coalition partners.

    United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 authorized Member States, under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter, to take all necessary measures to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack in Libya, including the establishment and enforcement of a "no-fly zone" in the airspace of Libya. United States military efforts are discrete and focused on employing unique U.S. military capabilities to set the conditions for our European allies and Arab partners to carry out the measures authorized by the U.N. Security Council Resolution.

    Muammar Qadhafi was provided a very clear message that a cease-fire must be implemented immediately. The international community made clear that all attacks against civilians had to stop; Qadhafi had to stop his forces from advancing on Benghazi; pull them back from Ajdabiya, Misrata, and Zawiya; and establish water, electricity, and gas supplies to all areas. Finally, humanitarian assistance had to be allowed to reach the people of Libya.

    Although Qadhafi's Foreign Minister announced an immediate cease-fire, Qadhafi and his forces made no attempt to implement such a cease-fire, and instead continued attacks on Misrata and advanced on Benghazi. Qadhafi's continued attacks and threats against civilians and civilian populated areas are of grave concern to neighboring Arab nations and, as expressly stated.

    in U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973, constitute a threat to the region and to international peace and security. His illegitimate use of force not only is causing the deaths of substantial numbers of civilians among his own people, but also is forcing many others to flee to neighboring countries, thereby destabilizing the peace and security of the region. Left unaddressed, the growing instability in Libya could ignite wider instability in the Middle East, with dangerous consequences to the national security interests of the United States. Qadhafi's defiance of the Arab League, as well as the broader international community moreover, represents a lawless challenge to the authority of the Security Council and its efforts to preserve stability in the region. Qadhafi has forfeited his responsibility to protect his own citizens and created a serious need for immediate humanitarian assistance and protection, with any delay only putting more civilians at risk.

    The United States has not deployed ground forces into Libya. United States forces are conducting a limited and well-defined mission in support of international efforts to protect civilians and prevent a humanitarian disaster. Accordingly, U.S. forces have targeted the Qadhafi regime's air defense systems, command and control structures, and other capabilities of Qadhafi's armed forces used to attack civilians and civilian populated areas. We will seek a rapid, but responsible, transition of operations to coalition, regional, or international organizations that are postured to continue activities as may be necessary to realize the objectives of U.N. Security Council Resolutions 1970 and 1973.
    - letter to House Speaker Boehner

    Fast forward to this year and Leon Panetta’s testimony asserting that the United Nations and NATO have supreme authority over the actions of the United States military, words which effectively declare Congress a ceremonial relic, have prompted Congressman Walter Jones to introduce a resolution that re-affirms such behavior as an “impeachable high crime and misdemeanor” under the Constitution. See the video of Panetta's testimony for yourself.

    Yes the president has the power to defend this country. However, involving ourselves in another countries civil was has nothing to do with the United States and its own defense. Leave them be.

    It is almost funny because when he was campaigning for the office of president in 2007, then candidate Barack Obama said that President George W. Bush had no legal authority to launch the Iraq war. “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation,” Obama said.

    Now as president he says that he can go to war without Congresses approval because he gets his approval from the UN. What a hypocrite! He is not trustworthy and it is time for him to go. We need to get someone in office that understands and is willing to obey the laws of this country. Not act like a dictator. We have no business in the Middle East for any reason. We got Osama Bin Laden. That is why went to Afghanistan, So now lets get out of there. We have no business involving ourselves with any other turmoils in the Middle East and therefore should not be there. Don't wait till 2014 to get out Afghanistan. Do it this year. That is the only way he might be re-elected.
    My name is Kevin, and that's what I think. What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

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    Renting an Apartment in the Upper West Side

    Guest post by Lex

    Living in the Upper West Side apartments will allow you to be close to Columbia University, the Lincoln Center, and the Hudson River. There are many different reasons to want to live in the Upper West Side. The area has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from like hip boutique to the high-end fancy. There are also a wide variety of parks and many family friendly activities in the area to take part in with wonderful city skyline views. Dog walking and picnics are very common in the summer and spring seasons. Singles living in the area will love the hopping nightlife. This Manhattan neighborhood is full of trendy bars and clubs to meet new people.
    The Upper West Side also has a relaxed atmosphere and friendly local people. Everyone is nice and the crime rate is much lower compared to the other parts of New York City. There are a million and one different reasons to want to live in this area. You can live close to some of the major attractions in New York. Why would you want to live anywhere else? The Upper West Side has a rich history that began all the way back in the sixteen hundreds. The Dutch were the first to settle the area and the Jews eventually became a large part of the demographic in the early 1900’s. During the 80’s, the area was known to be a ‘yuppy’ culture, filled with young and wealthy professionals.

    go ahead share your thoughts with me now, my ears are open. I'm always eager to hear what you think.

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    Sunday, March 11, 2012

    The death of an Austin Icon errr Weirdo

    This past week on March 8, 2012 Leslie Cochran, who many call "Austin's favorite cross-dresser," died. When I titled this article, I did so affectionately according to the man it is about. I never met this guy, not that I really ever wanted to, but since arriving in August 2010, I have never personally seen him and now I never will.

    Austin’s favorite cross-dressing, stiletto-strutting, thong bearing homeless icon, Leslie Cochran, was announced dead today. The city lost more than a man this morning, and we don’t just mean his womanly alter-ego. Leslie was a legend, a landmark, often a mayoral candidate and always a hell of a time. Known for his high heels and g-strings, he turned more heads than slutty, under-age college girls. When he suffered a brutal beating that left him unconscious in 2010, the city came together and raised enough money to cover the brain surgery that saved his life. I had the pleasure of interviewing him briefly at Marley Fest after he left the hospital, and I was happy to find him up to his usual antics. Unfortunately, Leslie could not be revived this time around. RIP Leslie, we really love you, (wo)man.

    - Coed Magazine

    In memory of Leslie Coed Magazine compiled a set of pictures that really celebrate his life.

    Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia had this to say about Leslie:
    Albert Leslie Cochran (June 24, 1951 – March 8, 2012) was an American peace activist, cross-dresser, urban outdoorsman and outspoken critic of police treatment of the homeless. Cochran was known in Austin as Leslie.

    Cochran was considered the man who personified "Keep Austin Weird.


    Cochran was typically seen around 6th Street and Congress during business hours, frequently wearing women's clothing. His most popular attire was a leopard thong and high-heeled shoes. Cochran preferred, however, to be known as a man
    - Wikipedia

    Despite his appearance he was married for a very brief time according to Wikipedia from 1985-86. So I will join the chorus of other Austinites and wish him a hearty RIP, may God be with your soul.
    My name is Kevin, and that's what I think. What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

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    Saturday, March 10, 2012

    Scheduled Coupons for the Sunday Paper 3/11/12

    posted by Kevin Surbaugh



    A.1. $1/1 steak sauce10oz+ (4/8/12)
    Atkins $1/1 bar 5pk dnd(5/31/12)
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    Better Than $1/1 Ears treats(6/11/12)
    Betty Crocker $.50/2 FruitShapes, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups (5/5/12)
    Bounce $.50/1 ets(4/30/12)
    Classico $.50/2 pasta sauces dnd (5/6/12)
    Clear Care $2/1 cleaning and disinfecting solution 12oz+ (5/30/12)
    Clearasil $1/1 product(4/22/12)
    Clearasil $3/1 Prefecta Wash Automatic Face Wash dispenser & refills (starter kit only, excludes individual refills) (6/3/12)
    Colgate $1/1 360 Optic White toothbrush (3/31/12)
    Colgate $1/1 Optic White, Total Advanced or Sensitive Pro Relief 4oz+ (3/31/12)
    Cottonelle $.50/2 toilet paper4pks or $.50/1 12pk+ (4/8/12)
    Downy $.50/1 ets(4/30/12)
    Finish $.75/1 Powerball tabs or Gelpacs (4/15/12)
    Finish $1/1 Quantum(4/15/12)
    Fun da-middles $.50/1 cupcake mix(5/5/12)
    General Mills $1/3 cereals(4/21/12)
    Golden Grain $1/2 100% Whole Wheat Pasta 13.25oz (4/30/12)
    Hamburger Helper $.75/3 Home Cooked Skillet Meals (5/5/12)
    Irish Spring $.50/1 3pk+ barpack or body wash excluding 2.5oz (3/31/12)
    Irish Spring $1/1 deodorant (3/31/12)
    Johnsonville $1/1 Italian sausage links (4/30/12)
    Ken's $1/1 16oz dressing(4/30/12)
    Kleenex $.30/3 tissue packs or boxes (4/22/12)
    Kleenex $1/2 Hand Towels(4/22/12)
    Lysol $3/1 No-Touch Kitchen System starter kit (4/7/12) TARGET coupon
    Maruchan $.50/1 Yakisoba product (5/31/12)
    MidNite $1/1 regular, PM or for Menopause (9/30/12)
    NatuRelief $1/1 product(9/30/12)
    New York Brand $.50/1 frozen product (5/15/12)
    Ocean Spray $.50/1 fruit flavored snacks (5/5/12)
    Olive Garden $2/2 lunch entrees(4/29/12)
    Olive Garden $4/2 dinner entrees(4/29/12)
    Opti-Free $2/1 PureMoist contact lens solution 10oz+ (5/30/12)
    Pepperidge Farm $.75/1 Chocolate Chunk Crispy Cookies or Soft Baked Cookies (5/6/12)
    Pepperidge Farm $.75/1 Distinctive Cookies (5/6/12)
    Pillsbury $.40/2 ToasterStrudel, Toaster Scrambles Pastries or Pancakes (6/2/12)
    Pillsbury $.40/3 Crescent dinner rolls (6/2/12)
    Pillsbury $.40/3 refrigerated Grands! biscuits (6/2/12)
    Rachel Ray $1/1 bag of soup bones or any other Nutrish treats (6/11/12)
    Rachel Ray $2/1 6lb+ bag of Nutrish for Dogs (6/11/12)
    Revlon $1/1 color cosmetic(4/15/12)
    Revlon $1/1 color cosmetic(4/15/12)
    Schick $1/1 disposable razor pack excludes 2ct (4/22/12)
    Schick $3/2 disposable razor packs excludes 2ct (4/22/12)
    Scotch $2/1 Pet Hair Remover or Sweeper refill (4/30/12)
    Scotch $2/1 Pet Hair Remover or Sweeper Starter Kit (4/30/12)
    Scott $.50/1 Naturals flushable wipes tub or refill (4/22/12)
    Scott $1/8+ rolls of bath tissue (4/22/12)
    Scrubbing Bubbles $2/2 bathroom cleaners (6/30/12)
    Sebamed $3/1 full size haircare product (5/12/12) Redeemable only at CVS
    Sebamed $3/1 full size skincare product (5/12/12) Redeemable only at CVS
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    Sebamed 50% off conditioner wyb shampoo (5/12/12) Redeemable only at CVS
    Tide $.50/1 StainRelease ets (4/30/12)
    Tide $1/1 detergent excludes PODS and trial (4/30/12)
    Ultimate Flora $3/1 probiotic (6/30/12)
    VIVA $.60/1 or more paper towel Big Rolls (5/6/12)
    Yoplait $.20/1 Lactose-Free yogurt cup (5/5/12)
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    Yoplait $.75/1 Greek yogurt4-pack (5/5/12)
    Yoplait $.75/2 Go-Gurt, Kids Cup, Trix, Splitz (5/5/12)


    Advil $ PM 4ct+ $1.00/1(6/9/12)
    Breathe Right 10ct+ $1.50/1(5/11/12)
    Breathe Right 26ct+ $2.00/1 (5/11/12)
    Centrum Pro Nutrients $5.00/1 (4/14/12)
    Crave soft treats for cats $1.00/2 (4/21/12)
    Children's Dimetapp product $1.00/1 (5/05/12)
    DermaSilk full size product $5.00/1 (3/22/12)
    Dial 3 bar pack 3ct+ or liquid hand soap $1.00/3 (3/31/12)
    Dial lotion 12oz+ $1.00/1 (3/31/12)
    Dial body washes 12oz+ $1.00/2 (3/31/12)
    Dial for Men Speed Foam body wash no trial $1.00/1 (3/31/12)
    Emerald Nuts products 5oz+ $1.50/2 (4/22/12)
    Florida Crystals Light or Amber Organic Agave Nectar .75/1 (5/31/12)
    Florida Crystals Natural or Organic Sugar product .75/1 (5/31/12)
    Garnier moisturizer $2.00/1 (6/11/12)
    Kellogg's Eggo frozen product 5.3oz or larger .75/2 (5/6/12)
    L'Oreal EverCreme, EverSleek, EverPure, EverStrong shampoo or conditioner $1.00/1 (5/6/12)
    L'Oreal EverCreme, EverSleek, EverPure, EverStrong treatment $1.00/1 (5/6/12)
    L'Oreal EverStyle product $1.00/1(5/6/12)
    L'Oreal Sublime Mousse haircolor $2.00/1 (5/6/12)
    Marcal Small Steps Towel 8 roll+ or bath tissue 12 roll+ or napkins $1.00/1 (4/15/12)
    Meow Mix dry cat food 3lbs+ dnd $1.00/1 (5/5/12)
    Nutro Ultra food for dogs $3.00/1 (5/6/12)
    Oxy product $1.00/1 (4/30/12)
    Oxy Clinical product $2.00/1 (4/30/12)
    Pup-Peroni 4.8oz+ $1.00/1 (5/31/12)
    Pure Protein powder or drink $1.00/1 (4/22/12)
    Pure Protein bars $1.00/2 (4/22/12)
    Purex liquid detergent no trial $1.00/2 (4/21/12)
    Purex UltraPacks detergent no trial $1.00/1 (4/21/12)
    Quaker Yogurt Granola Bars $1.00/1 (4/21/12)
    Renuzit Buy 1 Get 1 free Fresh Accents air freshener up to $2.29 (4/8/12)
    Renuzit Buy 2 Get 1 free Adjustables air fresheners up to $4.17 (4/8/12)
    Rimmel London mascara $1.00/1 (5/31/12)
    Rimmel London product $1.00/1 (5/31/12)
    Robitussin Product $1.00/1 (5/5/12)
    Scotties facial tissues 5 boxes or 2 multipacks $1.00 (4/15/12)
    Seeds of Change certified organic seed packs $1.00/2 (5/6/12)
    Seeds of Change certified organic food products $2.00/2 (5/6/12)
    Soft Scrub Abrasive or Gel product $1.00/2(4/21/12)
    Soft Scrub Total product $1.00/1 (4/21/12)
    SuperPretzel soft pretzel product .50/1(4/13/12)
    SuperPretzel Sweet Cinnamon .50/1 (4/13/12)
    Ultra food for dogs $3.00/1 (5/6/12)
    Visine product 1/2floz+ $1.00/1 (6/30/12)
    Visine Soothing Wipes product $2.00/1 (6/30/12)
    Visine Visine-A or Visine product with Hydroblend moisturizers $2.00/1 (6/30/12)
    go ahead share your thoughts with me now, my ears are open. I'm always eager to hear what you think.

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    Friday, March 9, 2012

    Event Rentals

    Guest post by advisemedia

    Spring time is the absolute perfect time to visit Las Vegas. The weather is more than beautiful and with the temperature rising people start coming out more during the day and night. The pool parties begin, and the events start occurring. Planning an event during this fun season can be a hassle. It is one big competition to be the party or venue that is remembered throughout the season. Many venues only have one shot to prove themselves. One opening shot to convince people that they should come back throughout the season.
    The first impression people get of a venue is extremely important. Many venues turn to event rentals Las Vegas to get the equipment and advice they need to make that first impression a memorable one. The first step is deciding what a venue wants their aura to be. The theme is a very tough decision and could be the making and breaking factor of a location. It is important to be trendy, without going out of style too quickly. It is not only decorating decisions that need to be made but also business decisions. The owner and management of the venue must also decide what they should charge for drinks, cover, and other favors within the event. If they are charging too much or too little the venue can get the wrong vibe and guests can make decisions based off of that.
    There are many decisions to be made if you are planning to open a venue this spring, or even if you are reopening for the season. Make sure you take into account the cost, decoration, trends and how you are promoting your event to make sure it is remembered all season.

    go ahead share your thoughts with me now, my ears are open. I'm always eager to hear what you think.

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    Thank You

    Thank you to mlb playoff odds from for their support of our group of ministries.

    My name is Kevin, and that's what I think. What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

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    Rent vs Buying: What you Need to Know When Looking for Homes

    Guest post by srn99

    As it relates to living accommodations, perhaps one of the most asked questions is what is better, to rent or buy a house. The answer is very individualized and greatly depends on the circumstances of the individuals looking to move. While there are benefits and drawbacks to each of these options, understanding the basics of each option can certainly help you make an informed decision.

    First, we will look at the benefits of renting a property, whether it is an apartment, a condo, a townhouse, or a single property house. Renting a property is beneficial to many individuals, and has some great features which appeal to many. When you are ready to rent a property, you can easily find available rental properties on the internet. Rental properties are available through either individuals (landlords) or through real estate agents or management offices. As it relates to renting a property through an individual landlord, sometimes they tend to be easier to work with. They will set the time with you to view the property, discuss any security deposit requirements as well as the expectations for rent, and may also require you to fill out a rental application.

    Once you are approved for the property and move in, anything which breaks or needs assistance is the responsibility of your landlord. This makes many people feel a sense of peace, as there is very little required of them when it comes to home maintenance. Another great benefit of renting a house is you are not locked into a 30 year mortgage as you would be with a house you purchase. For example, if you were a young married couple which moved into a small town home for your first house and found out two years later you would be welcoming a little one, you would then be able to simply look for a bigger house to rent.

    On the flip side, buying a home offers many benefits as well. Obviously, the major benefit of purchasing a home is that it is 100% yours. You can feel free to paint it, completely gut it and rebuild, or even put up a pool in the backyard. You will also not have to worry about a landlord wanting to take the property back in order to sell it, causing you to be back at square one. Owning your own house also offers the benefit of saving money, as with every mortgage payment you are working towards paying back the original loan and will have something to show at the end of the mortgage term. While renting, you are simply putting your money towards paying the landlord for the property without having the benefit of actually owning the property.

    When you begin the search for your own house to purchase, the search starts with finding the best house for you. Just with renting a property, you can start on the internet by searching for your particular area you desire to live. For instance, if you are looking for real estate in Colorado, you can simply enter 'Boulder real estate' into your search engine, and start sorting through all the wonderful listings of houses just waiting for you to move right in.

    go ahead share your thoughts with me now, my ears are open. I'm always eager to hear what you think.

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    Free Events and Activities at South by Southwest

    posted by the Prince of Thrift

    With more then 20,000 people arrivingin Austin for South By SouthWest (SXSW) this weekend (March 9, 2012-March 18, 2012) I thought it would be good to see what events were available to the general public, aka FREE. I mean events and activities that won't require the huge ticket price or the wristband that shows you bought one of those expensive tickets.

    Friday March 9, 2012

  • 11:00AM - 5:00PM: Tech Career Expo at Austin Music Hall
    (208 Nueces St)
    Land a new (or better) job at SXSW. Chat with over 60 hot companies, from startups to established firms. Openings include development, design, engineering, management, marketing and sales

  • 3 PM - 8:30 PM: SXSW ScreenBurn Arcade at the Palmer Events Center (900 Barton Springs Road)

  • 5:00PM - 7:00PM: Small Business Showcase at Austin City Hall (301 W 2nd St)

  • 6:00pm - 9:00pm: Blacks in Technology Meet Up at the George Washington Carver Museum & Cultural Center (1165 Angelina Street)

  • GE Garage at the intersection of Guadalupe and 4th Street

  • Saturday March 10, 2012

  • 11:00 am - 12:30pm: SXSW Community Workshop: Austin School of Film Youth 3D Workshop at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)
    This workshop is free and open to ages 11–18. Finished work will screen at SXSW on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at the Vimeo Theater (Austin Convention Center).

  • 12:00PM - 7:00PM: Tech Career Expo at Austin Music Hall
    (208 Nueces St)
    Land a new (or better) job at SXSW. Chat with over 60 hot companies, from startups to established firms. Openings include development, design, engineering, management, marketing and sales

  • 12:00 - 9:00 PM: SXSW ScreenBurn Arcade at the Palmer Events Center (900 Barton Springs Road)

  • Sunday March 11, 2012

  • 12:00 (Noon) - 7:00 PM: SXSW ScreenBurn Arcade at the Palmer Events Center (900 Barton Springs Road)

  • 1:30pm - 3:00pm: SXSW Community Screenings: Faces of Austin at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)

  • 4:00pm - 5:41pm: SXSW Community Screenings: Dysfunctional Friends at the Palmer Events Center (900 Barton Springs Road)

  • 6:30pm - 8:02pm: SXSW Community Screenings: 1 out of 7  at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)

  • 7:00PM: Dewey Awards Each spring, SXSW Interactive honors 10 outstanding community activists with the Dewey Winburne Community Service at St. Davids Church (301 East 8th St).

  • Monday March 12, 2012
    Tuesday March 13, 2012
  • 9:30PM -11:14PM: FILM: Slacker 2011 at the Paramount (713 Congress Ave)
    Wednesday March 14, 2012
  • 2:00PM - 6:00PM: Flatstock 33 by HGTV at the Austin Convention Center
    Level 1 - Ballrooms A, B, C (500 E Cesar Chavez St)

  • 2:00pm: FILM: I Want My Name Back, The Story of the Sugar Hill Gang at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)

  • 4:00pm: FILM: The Godmother of Rock'n'Roll, Sister Rosetta at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)
    Thursday March 15, 2012

  • 11:00AM - 6:00PM: Flatstock 33 by HGTV at the Austin Convention Center
    Level 1 - Ballrooms A, B, C (500 E Cesar Chavez St)

  • 2:00-3:30 DIALOGUE AND MUSIC! Invincible, Negin Farsad, Tanene Allison, and Oliver Rajamani at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)
    Join us for music, spoken word and discussion to explore how culture can spark a more welcoming America.

  • 5:45pm Little Hurricane at Auditorium Shores (Riverside Dr & S 1st St)
  • 6:00-7:15 COMEDY! Negin Farsad, Lucas Molandes, Chris Cubas, and more at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)
    Laugh with some of the funniest comedians in America and their hysterical take on the immigrant experience.

  • 6:45pm M Ward at Auditorium Shores (Riverside Dr & S 1st St)
  • 8:00pm The Shins at Auditorium Shores (Riverside Dr & S 1st St)
  • 7:30-8:15 MUSIC! Sauti Sol at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)
    Hear one of the hottest bands in Kenya blend it all together with their unique brand of Afro-Fusion.

  • 8:15-10:30 RE-MIX AMERICA DANCE PARTY! DJ Martin Perna and Riders Against the Storm at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)
    Embrace our roots and shake it loose. Our dance party will have hip hop, Afro-Latin soul, and more.

  • Friday March 16, 2012

  • 11:00AM - 6:00PM: Flatstock 33 by HGTV at the Austin Convention Center
    Level 1 - Ballrooms A, B, C (500 E Cesar Chavez St)

  • 1:00pm: FILM: Underground Chinese Hip-Hop at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)

  • 3:00pm: FILM: Happy People, with Riders Against the Storm at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)

  • 6:00pm: The Warrior Gospel Band at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)

  • 7:00pm: Unity at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)

  • 7:00pm Diamond Rugs at Auditorium Shores (Riverside Dr & S 1st St)
  • 8:00pm Counting Crows at Auditorium Shores (Riverside Dr & S 1st St)
  • 8:00pm: Jones Family Singers at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)

  • 9:00pm: The Original Bells of Joy at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)

  • Saturday March 17, 2012
  • 11:00AM - 6:00PM: Flatstock 33 by HGTV at the Austin Convention Center
    Level 1 - Ballrooms A, B, C (500 E Cesar Chavez St)

  • 11:00am - 5:00pm: Holy Hip-Hop Symposium and Concert at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)

  • 6:00pm Wesley Bray at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)

  • 7:00pm: The Carpenter Ants at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)

  • 8:00pm: New Generation at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)

  • 8:00Pm-9:30PM: The Cult at Auditorium Shores (Riverside Dr & S 1st St)
  • 9pm: River City Christianettes at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)

  • Sunday March 18, 2012
    While the events above are free and open to the public it is important to realize there is a limited number of seats and are on a first come basis. Also please note that parking at the various venues may not be be free. Parking garages and lots often will have a fee to park in them. So be prepared for that possibility. It may be worth while parking on the outskirts and catching a Capital Metro bus to the venue you are trying to attend.

    go ahead share your thoughts with me now, my ears are open. I'm always eager to hear what you think.

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    Wednesday, March 7, 2012

    February in Guatemala

    February has been a very exciting and busy month because the land title has been finally approved! It took 5 months for the whole process to complete which is a lot longer than we were anticipating, but we're so grateful for the land and excited to now begin building. 

    We had a picnic party to celebrate the start of construction the final weekend in February. We invited all the teenage boys from Casa Shalom over to the land along with our pastor and our family and friends. It was a great time of giving thanks to God for His provision. We have a bunch of pictures on our website for you to check out.

    We also used it to talk to the boys about their hopes for the future. Proverbs 29:18 says, "Where there is no vision, the people perish", and other translations say that the people "cast off restraint". A common problem with orphans is that they have no vision for their lives. When you grow up with no parents or your parents die and you're left alone, your hopes and dreams for the future can easily die too. Our message to the guys was that in Christ we can have a hope and a future. Like a pot in the hands of a potter, He is forming us for His purpose.

    Prayer Requests for March:

    • Elias: Elias is continuing his final year of high school. Please keep him in your prayers as he plans for the future.
    • Benjamin: Elias's brother Benjamin has finished his required internship in order to graduate from high school, and is now looking for a job. He is also moving out of Casa Shalom and moving in with us. Please pray for him as he transitions into this new phase of life. We're excited to have him here with us!
    • House Construction: There are a lot of details that go into building a house! I'm learning a lot as we get the project started. One issue that we're waiting for is that we don't have any water yet, and the new mayor hasn't decided how much he wants to charge us to hook it up. Without water we can't make concrete. Also pray that God provides all the finances needed to build the house.
    • Us: Please pray that Yuliza and I continue to have enough time together as a couple amidst the busyness of teaching, construction and our guys.
    • Please pray Colossians 4:5-6 for us: Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.

    Our website and blog have moved! Our name change is now complete, so our website can now be found at Please update your bookmarks! My email address will continue to work.

    Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support for us in Guatemala! God has given us an incredible responsibility to do, and we feel honored with all the support that we receive.

    Brent & Yuliza

    Brent Potter

    Tuesday, March 6, 2012

    Don't be Above Looking at Free to Stretch the Budget

    When money is tight there are ways to make money stretch further. Some of the ways some us think we are above, but should we? Do we really think we are to good to even consider those options? I have written on this topic before, but today I am looking closer at the topic.

    Find free alternatives...
    There are a number of things you can do or get for free. Instead of buying (or renting) books, videos/DVD's and music borrow them from the library. Instead of running out and buying a new piece of furniture, look on FreeCycle for whatever you may be looking for. I have given away a few things on the site, and I have received some bar stools by putting out a request on there.

    Recently, my wife and I found that our Select Comfort mattress was losing air on one side, so we had to scrap it and were forced onto a twin mattress, because we couldn't afford to buy a new mattress just yet. We made an attempt to get a mattress through Freecycle, but weren't fast enough apparently. Others had emailed about them before us. So after a couple of months we decided to post our need/want on Freecycle to see what happened. So this morning after morning devotions I placed the request for a King Size mattress/box-springs on the site and am now waiting for the moderators to approve it for the rest of the community to see. we shall see what happens from there.

    In 2006, a group in San Francisco made this topic a lifestyle for one year.
    In San Francisco nearly 50 teachers, engineers, executives and other professionals in the San Francisco area have made a vow to not buy anything new in 2006 (except food, health and safety items and underwear). Calling themselves the Compact, they have a blog, a Yahoo group and monthly meetings to reaffirm their commitment to the rule, which is to never buy anything new"
    "Compacters can get as much as they want from thrift shops, Craigslist,, eBay and flea markets, as long as the items are secondhand. And
    when they're in doubt, they turn to their fellow Compacters for guidance."

    "We had a little crisis when Matt and Sarah had to replace their shower curtain liner and we said no," said Perry, who lives in Bernal Heights. "But we put the word out and someone found one for them. It's like the Amish -- we help each other out. We raise a barn every week."

    go ahead share your thoughts with me now, my ears are open. I'm always eager to hear what you think.

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    Sunday, March 4, 2012

    Girl Scouts Robbed

    Yes, you read that right. Can you believe it? It takes a low life to rob anyone, but it takes a real low life to steal money from a group of girl scouts. Here are the details as I know them.
    Houston, Texas - A group of Girl Scouts tried to fight back when they were allegedly robbed by a suspect outside a Walmart in Fort Bend County Saturday afternoon, but sadly, all the hard-earned money earned from their cookies sales was gone.
    - KHOH

    The article continues by saying:

    The girls were selling cookies at a Walmart on Grand Parkway at Bellaire around 1:50 p.m. when they were approached by a man they thought was a potential customer.

    “A guy came up and was asking, ‘how much are your cookies,’ and so we were telling him and there was a guy in the car who was like, ‘hey, hurry up,’” said Rachel Johnson, a 9-year Girl Scout senior. The girls thought the men were just really anxious to get cookies, but they were wrong.

    “Instead he grabs our cash box and runs over to the car and drives off,” Johnson said. “They drive off and I sort of hang on to the car and it drags me a bit."
    - KHOH

    Because of this the girls are out of $200 which they will have to replace with their own money thanks to these low lives.
    Despite the Girl Scouts efforts to fight back, the crooks managed to drive away with the cash box containing about $200.

    Unfortunately, the girls will have to dig deep into their own pockets to make up for the theft.


    Unfortunately this isn't the first time. When researching this story, I would a similar robbery from 2010 in Tacoma, WA. This time at a Safeway store.

    TACOMA, Wash. - A man stole a bag of cash from a 16-year-old selling Girl Scout cookies at a Tacoma Safeway Thursday night.

    Tacoma police say the robbery happened around 7 p.m. at the Safeway on South 38th Street and South M Street

    King 5 News

    I ma just shocked and angry that some idiot guys would steel from a group of little girls. It just shows that these men aren't men at all. They are low lives that should be strung up. To bad we don't hang thieves anymore.

    My name is Kevin, and that's what I think. What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

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    Thursday, March 1, 2012

    Microsoft Upgrades

    I haven't even got my first Windows 7 or Vista computer (still using XP) and now I see an announcement that Microsoft is releasing Windows 8. Geez, I guess I am way behind in times now.
    According to the article in the Kansas City Times that I read this morning:
    On Wednesday, Microsoft showed off the newest version of the company’s operating system, called Windows 8.

    Windows 8 is the biggest redesign of the company’s software since Windows 95, said Steve Sinofsky, the president of Windows, who introduced the new operating system at a swanky, poolside event during the Mobile World Congress

    - Kansas City Star

    The post continued by saying that Windows 8 was a generational change.

    go ahead share your thoughts with me now, my ears are open. I'm always eager to hear what you think.

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