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  1. Do you accept advertising on your blog (and/or website)?
    Yes, We offer a number of opportunities to advertise on WisdomSteps101.

    Text Ad on site-wide WisdomSteps101.net (includes all the WisdomSteps101.com blogs):
    Sponsors can get a text link ad in the right sidebar for only $200/Year (per site you chose to advertise on) or $25/month. The sponsorship will last through the end of the same month of the following year. In other words, if you purchase one of these spots on March 25, 2012 (or March 17), your link will remain until April 1, 2013.

    Contextual Ads:

    These are limited, but can be placed at the bottom of the any one of the blogs under the sponsors heading, or in the right sidebar. There are two options in pricing either $10/month or $100/year per blog chosen.

    Banner Ads:

    Banner ads are a possibility if you provide the banner that you wish to use. For a site-wide banner ad campaign we charge $50/month or $500/year.

    Lifetime permanent Sponsors:
    You can place a life time link on our Thank You pages as someone that wants help keep the site up and running. The cost of this advertisement is $500. A small gif image (provided by you and/or your client) can be used for this.

    Post Sponsor:
    Another lifetime sponsorship opportunity is sponsoring a post (existing or future) for $75. As long as the post doesn't currently have a sponsor on it you can place a sponsorship at the bottom of that post. Obviously a future post would get you more bang for your buck, but you would have less control over the topic of the post. So it would be kind of like sponsoring a news program on TV or radio.

    Further I will no longer accept any payday loan ads. All links must be approved before any ads are accepted.

  2. If you are ordained as minister where did you go to seminary?
    I have no formal training in a seminary. Instead I have real world experience working with the poor in the inner-city of Chicago. Years of Bible study and learning from other teachers has helped prepare me. Now I am being asked to to get into the pulpit and practice public speaking. A task that scares me to death, but is something I must learn and accomplish if I am going to be the man that God has called me to be.

  3. Do you make a living doing this? No, sad to say. In fact, as with many hobbies I lose money. This is an expensive hobby. I’ve gone through several hundred dollars in web-hosting alone! I rely on the generous donations of my readers (and advertisements) to keep my hobby going. 

  4. Do you Accept Guest Posts?

    I am always looking for good quality guest posts. However, unsolicited material will be rejected. Send an inquiry first. They must conform to the theme of the blog and not be outright advertising.
    As for conforming to the theme of the blog that means:
    1. Getting Debt Free
    2. Avoiding use of credit in all areas, especially credit cards.
    3. Opposed to the ripoff payday loan, title loan, and other usury loan places.
    4. Learning to Save rather then Spend
    5. Frugal topics
    6. links must be approved before posting to make sure they conform to these guidelines as well.
    In addition we currently have 3 weekly features that you might like to write posts for....Frugal Monday (sharing frugal tips to save the readers money. Freebies Saturday (which shares samples and items readers can get for free. Requirement here is they MUST be truly free. No bogos! No purchase requirements of any type! They must be 100% FREE!). Third is Financial Shutdown which is a news related feature that informs the readers of the banking institutions that were seized and shutdown that Friday evening.

    If your guest post can meet these areas, I would be glad to review your post and considering it for inclusion into the Que of upcoming posts.

    Please be sure to include a byline with your submission.

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