For those of you who are of faith, we would like to make you aware of the prayer requests that we have. Yes there are some readers of this blog that won't like it, but I cannot and will not hide my faith from anyone.

  1. Calm my nervousness so that I will be able to boldly pray and teach without stuttering and hesitation.
  2. New House - My wife and I are eagerly awaiting God's timing to provide a place of our own.

  3. God's grace and mercy

  4. God's Wisdom as I write and teach His Biblical principles for personal finances.

  5. Finances so that I can blog and minister full-time. (Satan is really attacking us in this area this month - Aug 2011)

  6. Continue to live within our means so that savings continue to grow so that we can begin to live like no one else.

  7. God's hand of protection (health, finances, etc)

  8. God's blessings

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